Furniture Care Tips

You have spent your hard earned money – so now take care of your furniture.

Here are our top 10 tips for furniture care:

  • Just like your skin, leather and wood both need moisturizing – regularly
  • Love your dogs and cats, but keep them off your furniture.
  • Same goes for your kids (just kidding!)
  • Heat can totally destroy wood – heaters, fires and dehumidifiers can make it split, sun can make it fade, and the base of hot plates and cups can cause instant discolouration.
  • Please don’t ‘shunt’ anything. Lift to move – from a chair to a bunk, table to slat bed.
  • Don’t have nail polish, polish remover, hair dye or your kid’s red drink anywhere near your furniture (they are all bad, bad, bad!)
  • Use only quality cleaning products
  • For heavy duty cleaning – get in professionals. They are experts and really know their trade.
  • We recommend fabric protection on all fabric surfaces
  • Sit on the lounge seats – not the arms or the back – believe it or not – they are only for arms and backs!