Furniture Care Tips

You have spent your hard earned money – so now take care of your furniture.

Here are our top tips for furniture care

  • Just like your skin, leather and wood both need regular moisturizing.
  • Keep your pets off your furniture.
  • Heat is destructive to woods. Heaters, fires, and dehumidifiers can make it split. Direct sunlight can make it fade. The base of hot plates can cause instant discolouration.
  • Lift to move, do not shunt anything. We do not recommend lifting heavy furniture on your own.
  • Keep your furniture away from nail polishes, nail polish removers, hair dyes, or coloured beverages.
  • Use only quality cleaning products.
  • Get in professionals for heavy duty cleaning.
  • We recommend fabric protection on all fabric surfaces.
  • Sit on the lounge suites, not the arms or the back.

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