About Us

Company Profile

Furniture City has been in the Auckland market for over 30 years. In April 2016, the company was acquired by Smiths City Group.
We know kiwis and we know what we like. As such, our very experienced team pride themselves on delivering a large selection of great quality furniture, at great value for money.
Buy with confidence, as we carry New Zealand's most loved and respected name brands. We also import direct from all over the world and pass the significant savings on to you. We have something for everyone.
Furniture this good, shouldn’t cost so little.


As an environmentally conscious business, we recycle more than 90% of all our cardboard, packaging foam and plastic. We track all the deliveries in real time to be as fuel efficient and efficient as possible by avoiding busy times, getting traffic updates and having NAVMAN GPS in our trucks.


Often customers ask us to remove their old furniture when we deliver new. We give good quality used furniture to several charities and local families in need. Only a very small amount of furniture is disposed of completely.


We do import a lot of furniture every year, and we know exactly how our internationals suppliers operate. We see their factories and their workers at least once a year, and choose to work with large companies that have proven track records for ethical and strong business practices. It’s important the wood is from sustainable resources, and that the workers get fair pay and good working environments. We will not purchase from a company that buys rain forest wood or buys from illegal sources (like illegal loggers). Even the framing inside lounge suites are tested to make sure they are made of wood to our standard. In fact most of the wood products we buy are from New Zealand forests.

Quality Assurance

As a member of LASRA - the Leather and Shoe Research Association of New Zealand, we test our leather lounge suites to ensure the leather is of a high standard. Ensuring they are bovine and we even test the sunscreen capabilities of the leather finishes to ensure they can handle NZ conditions.